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WW2 Total Deluxe Game 1.2.0 build#31

WW2 Total Deluxe Game 1.2.0 build#31

Screenshots of WW2 Total Deluxe Game

WW2 Total Deluxe Game Publisher's Description

WW2 Total is a strategy and action simulation in the time of World War 2.
This PC game is unique, because it's fully realized with an 3d engine and combines grand strategy with the action of a First Person Shooter !
Up to 8 players have control of the armed forces of Germany, Japan, Italy, Axis-Minor (Slovakia, Hungary and others) or the British with Allies (France, Poland and others), United States, Soviet Union and China.

At the beginning of World War II in Europe in autumn 1939 the player takes over command of the divisions, air units and fleets as well as control of armament production, weapons research and politics.

A large 3d World Map is the scene of the gigantic struggle to rule the world.

In simultaneous turns (all players plot their orders at the same time) WW2 total
is playable in the single player mode against the AI as well as in multiplayer mode over LAN or Internet with up to eight players.
Some of the advanced results of simultaneous gameplay are that in multi-player mode nobody has to wait for the other players, and the reactions and moves of the opponents must be foreseen.

Around 200
different 3d land, sea and air units are at the disposal of the players, which can be upgraded to more modern units by research.

Combat can be done in realtime FPS battles (First Person Shooter, left)...




...or in animated, calculated battles (right).


Game Features

  • Worldwide scenario with start in the autumn of 1939 (beginning of war in Europe with the German attack on Poland) until 1947.
  • Eight playable nations (Germany, Japan, Italy, Axis-Minors, Great Britain with Allies, U.S.A., Soviet Union, China).
  • Over 320 provinces on the 3d world map
  • Around 200 different 3d units (infantry, tank, artillery, fighter, bomber, aircraft carrier, battle ships, cruiser, destroyer, submarines, cargo ships)
  • Each unit has more than 20 attributes (for production, movement, combat) and is represented by a individual 3d model.
  • Rules cover offensive options, combat missions, movements, production, research and politics.
  • Either playable against AI in single-player mode or over LAN or Internet in the multi-player mode with up to eight players.
  • Adaptive and adaptable AI for all vacant nations.
  • Simultaneous command required, which means, that all players have to do their instructions at the same time.
  • Combat can be done in realtime First-Person-Shooter battles or in calculated battles with animations.
  • Strategic bombing attacks, air support, submarine warfare and more.
  • Research of improved units with their own 3d models and datas.
  • Planing of arms production, since only a few units can be built in short time.
  • Political rules, which include alliances and declarations of war. In this way, every single game can have a completely unique situation.
  • free developed game as single or multiplayer online simulation in the time of World War 2, which is fully realized with an 3d engine. This unique PC game combines grand strategy with the action of a First Person Shooter.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, ME, XP
  • DirectX9.0c (from August 07 or later)
  • Video: at least 1024x768 pixel with 16 bit, 64 Mb video RAM (128 Mb recommended)
  • CPU: 1600 MHz processor (2 GHz recommended)
  • Memory: 512 Mb RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 400 Mb of free Hard Drive Space
  • 16bit Direct sound compatible sound card

Game data

  • Complexity: Moderate
  • Field of play: Grand Strategy with battles in FPS mode.
  • Age: World War II
  • Theatre: World
  • Units: Divisions, Air Fleets, Task Forces
  • Turn Play: simultaneous turn based for the strategic gameplay and as a option realtime FPS-battles for combat.
  • Players: 1 - 8
  • AI: Yes, adaptive and adaptable for any side.
  • Hot Seat: up to 8 players with a single pc.
  • TCP/IP: up to 8 players (LAN and Internet).

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